Libellud joins Asmodee Group

As some of you have already read, Régis Bonnessée, the historic founder of Libellud, and the Asmodee Group have entered into an agreement ceding Libellud to the international leader in the publishing and distribution of board games. This is a highlight in the life of our company that stems from a long history in common with the giant of the board game.

Above all, Libellud is the story of a meeting between Régis Bonnessée and Jean-Louis Roubira, the designer of Dixit. The company is actually created to publish the first image-based communication game. In collaboration with Paille Editions, Dixit’s first distributor in France, sales grew impressively, quickly relayed by Asmodee internationally. Dixit’s success was accompanied by numerous awards, the most prestigious of which are the Golden Ace in 2009 and the Spiel des Jahres in 2010. Many expansions will follow, diversifying the range of artists and universes offered by this unique game.

In collaboration with Asmodee, Libellud and its games (Seasons, Loony Quest, Mysterium, Dice Forge, and Obscurio) will meet their audience in France and in more than 35 countries. The team, based in Poitiers, grows. Régis launches L’Atelier, a studio of board game designers, and creates the Libellud Corporate Foundation, whose aim is to support societal projects related to youth and education.

After 11 years of hand-in-hand work, Asmodee now distributes all Libellud games through all its subsidiaries.

It is therefore not surprising that the rapprochement between our two entities results in the integration of Libellud within the Asmodee group. With many years of collaboration together, the teams of Libellud and Asmodee share mutual esteem and sympathy. So it’s not a new adventure that begins but an adventure that continues. Libellud keeps its own editorial guideline and its values to fully develop within the Asmodee group.

Last but not least, the whole team would like to thank Régis for his kindness, experience, and management of Libellud. These years in his presence were a beautiful human adventure, rich in learning and emotions. Regis, it is necessarily sad that we say to you, not goodbye, but see you soon! May your next adventures be beautiful and exciting! 🙂