Dixit Mirrors is available!

The new expansion of Dixit is now available in the world.

Dixit, the multi-award-winning game, grows with a new expansion!

With your family and friends, discover 84 brand new cards to enrich your Dixit experience and travel further to the heart of your imagination.

With Dixit Mirrors, reveal and explore new facets of the oneiric world of the series.

The vividly-colored illustrations created by Sébastien Telleschi unveil a fantastical reflection of our society, to create a brand new expansion for Dixit.

These cards can be used along with or as a replacement of those from your Dixit base game or previous Dixit expansions.

You need a base game for play to Dixit Mirrors.

To see some cards in the video, click here!

Ready to look through the mirror?