Pax Online 2020

This year the Pax is Online and it will start the september 12th.

At the occasion of the Pax Online, we prepare for you a pre-recorded video about our 2 next games releases: Mysterium Park (end of october) and Dixit Mirrors expansion (november).

For find us, you must find our partner and distributor Asmodee North America in the icebreaker tabletop section. Click here for join the Pax Online website.

Asmodee has prepared a special trailer with all the upcoming releases about which you can learn more during the Pax Online. You can see this video here.

Mysterium Park and Dixit Mirrors

About Libellud releases, you will find a special video where you will be able to learn all that you must to know and you will see a complete unboxing and a new trailer for Mysterium Park and new cards and a trailer for Dixit Mirrors. 

A webpage for Mysterium Park is available too, for learn more about our next new release.

We wish you a wonderfull Pax Online full of surprises!