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Disney Magic Meets Dixit Poetry!

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We are excited to announce that the Disney edition of Dixit, a standalone game compatible with the entire Dixit universe (Refresh Edition 3–6 players), will be released on Friday, September 15

Featuring enchanting Artwork by illustrator Natalie Dombois, this enchanting new addition to the Dixit family includes 84 cards, each based on one of 84 Disney and Pixar films.

The Disney edition of Dixit is a standalone game that is fully compatible with the entire Dixit universe.

Premiering at Gen Con

The Disney edition of Dixit will be presented and demonstrated to the public during the event (between August 3 and 6).

"The Disney edition of Dixit Sparks Imagination and Creativity."

Game information :

Players: 3–6

Age: 8+

Duration: 30 min


Product Information

  • Releasing on: September 15
  • SRP: €35/$40
  • Designer: Jean-Louis Roubira
  • Illustrator: Natalie Dombois
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