Vos envies, nos jeux

Hibou Perso
Biche Pierre Or

Forge your destiny !

Dice Forge is a development game featuring innovative mechanics based on dice with removable faces. In this dice crafting game, you’ll be building your die. Throw your dice, manage your resources, win challenges before your opponents and explore numerous strategies to achieve victory.

Master the unpredictability of dice!

Homme Obscurio Fille Obscurio
Dame Obscurio

Dispel the illusions. Beware of the traitor.

The sorcerer is chasing you! Find your way through the illusions and watch out for the traitor within your ranks!

Based upon rich and quality material, Obscurio offers a new approach to image interpretation games, with a particular emphasis on the details and an omnipresent feeling of doubt linked to the traitor.

Communicate efficiently to make it out of the library in time.

Lapin Seasons
Coffre Seasons Squelette Seasons

Control the energy throughout the seasons.

SEASONS is a tactical card game based on drafting, combo, and resources management.

Control fate and combine the power of the cards in your hand. Gather energy, summon familiars and magical items, and amass magical crystals to become the most illustrious mage of the Xidit Kingdom.

Dés Dés Dés Dés Dés

Forge your destiny !

In Dice Forge, experience a game where you can change your dice faces and try to control fate!

By playing Dice Forge, you’ll be taking part in the trials designed by the gods to determine who, among the players, will enter the pantheon! To triumph in this strategic game, you’ll need to show cunning; don’t overlook your luck though: it will play a decisive role throughout the game.

They’ll be with you all along the game: play with two unusual dice! They’ll allow you to gather the resources you need to face the game’s challenges. Those dice have removable faces allowing you to customize them at will. These innovative and surprising dice crafting mechanics will please beginners as much as more experienced players.

Make offerings to the gods to acquire stronger dice faces through the course of the game. The more powerful the dice faces, the more cards and rewards you will acquire to win the game.
The dice crafting and combo game Dice Forge comes with an expansion: Dice Forge Rebellion, for a yet more intense game experience. More interaction, more combinations, and more strategies allowing for rich games that will meet the expectations of advanced players.


Dispel the illusions. Beware of the traitor.

Obscurio is an image interpretation game in which you embody wizards and witches trying to get out of a maze-like library by following instructions delivered by a Grimoire. Be careful though: this cooperative board game will require you to stay on your guard in order to avoid falling in the traitor’s traps…

Among the different asymmetrical roles, discover yours: will you be the magic Grimoire trying to yield clues to the other players to lead them towards the exit? Or will you be one of the library’s prisoners interpreting the Grimoire’s hints while trying to escape? You may as well be neither of these, as your mission in the game may be to trap your partners by secretly leading them towards the wrong rooms…

The game’s equipment, mainly composed of 84 illustrated cards, trap tokens, and a magnetic Grimoire, favors immersion in a board game where the tension is constant, thus guaranteeing thrilling gaming experiences with family or friends.


Control the energy throughout the seasons.

With Seasons, experience a game combining drafting and combo mechanics, and taking place in the fantastic kingdom of Xidit.

In the card game SEASONS, players embody eminent sorcerers taking part in the Tournament of the 12 seasons. At the beginning of the game, you’ll have to build your hand of cards by carefully choosing Power Cards which you’ll try to win the game with.

All along the game, you’ll choose your Season Dice among those available; they’ll allow you to summon your Magic Item Cards or your Faithful Familiar Cards. Collect Crystals and Prestige points to win the tournament. Expect frequent turnarounds for an intense game until the last round!
Seasons is a strategic game accessible to all types of players, thanks to the different levels of difficulty proposed in the rulebook. Renew your gaming experience with our two new expansion packs, offering new cards and new challenges !

Customize your sorcerer in Enchanted Kingdom, and use the powerful Die of Destiny in Path of Destiny.


Nos autres jeux

Personnage shadows

The race for proof is on.

Through illustrated cards, 2 teams of detectives compete in the city of Amsterdam in order to collect 3 clues as quickly as possible to bring back to their client. With short rules and simple gameplay, feel the stress of competition in real time !


The key is missing, and only you can find it !

In this light and clever game, a leader gives clues to his teammates so that they can eliminate cards without eliminating the Key. Play with the app for an even more intense experience !

Personnage Loonyquest

3… 2… 1… Draw !

Equipped with a marker and a transparent sheet, make the best possible route avoiding the Loonies, slow down your opponents and accumulate as many points as possible to win the crown.