Dice Forge

Congratulations and welcome to our world. Your bravery and wits have allowed you to reach us. However, the adventure has just begun…

Eager for shows and bored out of their minds, the gods are finally setting up their dream tournament: thrilling trials on their islands, magic dice to tame, a temple especially dedicated to the cause, and an ultimate reward. Only one thing is missing still: a few resourceful heroes to ensure the show.

Dice Forge is a family and strategic game where you can buy new faces for your dice in order to increase their power and to attempt to control fate. Use your resources to collect Trial Cards that will bring you the glory points necessary for winning the game. This combo game, associated with the innovative mechanics of Dice Crafting, will please players of all levels. Good times with family or friends guaranteed.

Designer : Régis Bonnessée

Artist : Biboun


Rules of the Dice Forge game
in few steps

DICE FORGE_visuel_1__1

Throw your dice to collect resources!

DICE FORGE_visuel_2D__1

Buy new dice faces to upgrade them and attempt to control fate.


DICE FORGE_visuel_3

Face the game’s trials and try to reach fame and win rewards.


The expansion

Dice Forge Rebellion


Level up your game play with our Dice Forge expansion: Rebellion.

Created to answer the players’ requests expressing a need for more interaction and combinations, this expansion includes new dice faces, 120 new Achievement cards, and two optional modules. The Rebellion expansion can’t be played without the Dice Forge base box.

Designer : Régis Bonnessée

Artist : Biboun


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