Nuage Nuage Dixit Stella Machine et moutons

Other ideas for spending time at home.

In another article, we have proposed activities to carry out with or without children. We're back now with new elements. Pencils, paper, scissors, and games!

Idea 05:

Preparing for April 1st.

The first of April is just around the way. This is an opportunity to take it easy by making jokes. So, to help young and old facetious guys, we offer beautiful ready-to-print April fools. You now just have to cut them. When the time comes, all you have to do is finding a target and try to tap discreetly on their back the fish.
So, in the meantime, bring scissors and download the cutting sheet.

Idea 06:
Playing Dice Forge.

Since Dice Forge and its expansion Dice Forge Rebellion may offer many unique games, it would be a shame not to play it. So here's another alternative set-up using the Titans Revolt expansion module. Interaction is to be expected then be careful to the touchy.

Idea 07:

To calm the warmed spirits, nothing better than a coloring session. Get out your best pencils because this time we offer you to color cards from our famous game Dixit!
To get the illustrations, just download them here. Remember to share the results of this session on our social networks!

Idea 08:
becoming a psychic.

The evening has come, you have lit a few candles and the silence is such that you hear only a few distant noises? Maybe it's time to start a game of Mysterium. Try to free the ghost before the end of the evening.
And to refine the atmosphere, play the ambient music you may find on our Mysterium page.

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