Dixit Expansions

Each Dixit expansion pack offers 84 new large size illustrated cards in a world of their own. Click on the expansions to discover the range of cards they include and to learn more about their illustrators. Use each expansion pack individually, or combine them for a different game experience each time. Dixit cards can be played with all of the games of the Dixit Universe.


Dixit Quest

Discover a dream quest for innocence.

Artist: Marie Cardouat


Dixit Journey

Immerse yourself in a mysterious and enchanting journey.

Artist: Xavier Collette


Dixit Origins

Go back to the origin of the fantastic worlds.

Artist: Clément Lefèvre


Dixit Daydreams

Immerse yourself in the emotion of waking dreams.

Artist: Franck Dion


Dixit Memories

Find vivid memories of childhoods.

Artist: Carine Hinder et Jérôme Pélissier


Dixit Revelations

Delight yourself thanks to the magical and refined illuminations.

Artist: Marina Coudray


Dixit Harmonies

Discover how contrast is a source of harmony.

Artist: Paul Echegoyen


Dixit Anniversary

Let’s celebrate Dixit’s 10th birthday around tales from around the world.

Artist: Illustrateurs et illustratrices Dixit


Dixit Mirrors

Let yourself be surprised by the dreamlike reflections of our daily life.

Artist: Sébastien Telleschi


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