Mysterium Expansions

Explore more possibilities to solve the Mysterium investigation with the Mysterium Hidden Signs and the Mysterium Secret and Lies expansion packs.

Use each expansion pack individually or combine them to renew your gaming experience for ever-surprising games. The expansions can’t be played without the Mysterium base box.

Design: Oleksander Nevskiy & Oleg Sidorenko

Artists: Xavier Collette & M81 Studio 

Release: June 2016 & August 2017


Mysterium : Hidden Signs


In Mysterium Hidden Signs, 6 Locations and 6 Objects allow you to experience new game combinations. The ghost will benefit from 42 additional Vision Cards to communicate!

Mysterium : Secrets and Lies


Discover the crime’s motive in the Mysterium Secrets and Lies expansion which includes 19 Story Cards to replace Object Cards. Diversify your Mysterium game experience with new components: 5 suspects, 6 locations, and 6 objects!

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