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Spiel Essen 2019 – Libellud

You will find Libellud in Hall 1 stand F103.

In Obscurio, you are a group of wizards who have just retrieved their magic book. Now, you want to escape from this maze-like library. You will have to face many traps. Moreover, you will soon understand that one of your fellows is a traitor... Unless the traitor is you and you're therefore trying to keep your companions locked forever in this library!

Obscurio is the 2nd creation of the Atelier and is illustrated by Xavier Collette and studio M81. It is a cooperative game where you will have to flee from a magic library with the help of your magic book which will help you to orient yourself and find the right path.

But beware, in addition to the dangers and traps that await you in the Library, you will have to watch out for the traitor is hidden among you!

The Grimoire guides their team towards the exit using images, on which he points at certain details. In cooperation, the other players have to find it as quick as possible while avoiding to pick the wrong cards.



However, the Traitor tries to lead the other players astray. A wide variety of Traps are on your way to the exit, complicating the player’s communication!


Obscurio is a family game, an original mix between an image-based communication game and a secret role game, in which the players have to be careful when sharing ideas with their team.



Supported by rich components, Obscurio proposes a fresh new experience in its genre by putting the emphasis on the details of the images and the constant doubt created by the presence of the Traitor.

Signing sessions


Come and meet Studio M81 for 2 Obscurio’s signing sessions:


  • Friday – 25/10 – 2pm to 3.30pm on Libellud booth (1F103).
  • Saturday – 26/10 – 2pm to 3.30pm on Libellud booth (1F103).




Come and collect promos of Libellud games on our booth including 1 exclusive set of 3 promotional trap tokens for Obscurio.

To obtain them, just ask with a smile at the reception desk of the Libellud booth (1-F103).
Promos from our other games like Dice Forge, Shadows-Amsterdam or One Key will be also available.

Attention! The quantities of promos are limited. Maximum 1 promo of each type per person.

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