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Welcome to Obscurio’s universe…

Even if the game is not released in your country yet, you may contact your corner shop to book a copy in order to be able to play it as soon as possible.

In Obscurio, you are a group of wizards who have just retrieved their magic book. Now, you want to escape from this maze-like library. You will have to face many traps. Moreover, you will soon understand that one of your fellows is a traitor... Unless the traitor is you and you're therefore trying to keep your companions locked forever in this library!

You will find further information on The game's page.

You will also find several videos on our Youtube channel. You will be able to get an overview of the game, to see its components , or to launch your first game without reading the rules!

Discover a new way to play with images! Dispel the illusions. Beware of the traitor...

Vous retrouverez bien sûr des visuels et présentations de nos jeux. Vous retrouverez également différents éléments concernant mis à votre disposition au fil des années. Vous pourrez consulter notre calendrier pour voir les prochaines dates à retenir concernant Libellud. Bien evidemment, le formulaire de contact est à disposition si vous avez besoin d'informations complémentaires. Nous vous laissons donc découvrir ce nouveau site en espérant qu'il vous plaise autant qu'à nous !

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