Nuage Nuage Dixit Stella Machine et moutons

What to do at home this weekend?

We have worked on simple activities to do at home around a table. We tried to reduce the necessary equipment but there are still some essentials ...

Idea 01:

Playing Dixit

Many sites quote board games as a perfect indoor activity. If you are on our site, you are probably already convinced about that. 😉
So take out your Dixit box and escape into a world of dreams and poetry. With its simple rules and beautiful cards, Dixit will appeal to all generations, from the age of 8.
To learn more about Dixit and its expansions, visit the game page.

Idea 02:
Playing Dice Forge

If you prefer to tackle heroic feats, we also have a game for you: Dice Forgeand its expansion Dice Forge Rebellion. If you're a regular player of Dice Forge and you want to try something new, here's an alternative set up. So, roll your dice and let the best hero win!

Idea 03:
In the kitchen!

We made this video for our 2017 Christmas calendar but it's always a good time to make cookies. So we offer you these recipe of delicious cookies in the shape of a dixit rabbit. Prepare the ingredients and follow the guide!
The pattern for the Dixit Rabbit cookie cutter is downloadable here.

Idea 04:

Once the pastry work is done, the snack eaten and the table cleaned, what could be better than to relax by coloring? And note that coloring isn't just for kids! The only danger to risk it is to prove to be less gifted than our children ...
For this exercise, we offer you today some cards from our gameOne Key. Just click here and print them out. Please, show us your masterpiece on social medias!

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