The Libellud Eggs Hunt!

Since we have to limit our movement at the moment, all means are good to escape a few. So we offer you activity for this weekend...

What would Easter be without its traditional eggs hunt? So, we invite young and old to browse our website to find beautiful Libellud eggs.
But before you go hunting, here are the rules. We have hidden on our website Eggs. Inside each of these eggs is a letter. Once you’ve found all the Eggs, you should be able to make a word with them When you think you have the right one, just send your answer by email to You have until Monday April 13, 2020 at 11:59 p.m (Parisian time!) We will randomly draw two winners from all the participants who did send the right answer. They will receive, as soon as the situation allows, a Libellud game of their choice and some goodies (within the limits of our available stocks). For more details, the rules are here.

Some tips:

  • Not all eggs are the same size. Some will be clearly visible and others more discreet.
  • We don’t give you the number of eggsbut you’ll know for sure that you’ve found the right number of eggs as soon as you’ve got the word.
  • Only one proposal per household, but that doesn’t stop you from teaming up! 😉
The results will be shared on Tuesday. Good luck and happy Easter!