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Libellud at the Internationale Spieltage of Essen


From October 6th at 10am until October 9th, one of the biggest festivals in the world dedicated to board games will take place in Essen (Germany): the Internationale Spieltage

Libellud will be happy to welcome you on its dedicated booth!


Which Libellud games to play? Where can you find us? What surprises await you? You will know everything by reading the program below.


All the "technical" information about the fair : how to get there, schedule, etc. on their website.



Where and what can we play?

You can find Libellud games on 3 dedicated booths:


The Main Stand - 1D103 (hall 1).

This is where you can meet the Libellud team and ask us your questions (and ask for goodies ^^) at our reception desk.

It is also on this stand where you can :

  • play Stella-Dixit Univers
  • discover the puzzles of the Dixit collection by participating in our Dixit challenge. 

Our dedicated demo staff will explain you the games in german, english or french.


The Unbox Now stand - 1 E102 (hall 1).

It is on this stand where you will be able to play the great classics of the board game and especially Dixit!


The Kids area - 2D102 (hall 2).

Young and old will find their happiness on this space with games dedicated to the youngest. You will find a preview of Mysterium Kids : Captain Echo's Treasure, co-published with our friends from Space Cow.

The opportunity to discover the game before its release in November.


To know more about it :

  • Stella-Dixit Universe is our latest release. It is a game by Gérald Cattiaux and Jean-Louis Roubira, illustrated by Jérôme Pélissier. This competitive game of association of ideas and interpretation of images takes place in the Dixit universe since you will find 84 new Dixit cards (100% compatible with Dixit) in the latter's material. However, the resemblance stops there, Stella-Dixit Universe is not a variant of Dixit but a different game with its own rules and mechanics. 


  • Dixit is Libellud's great classic. This multi-awarded game, which has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide (all expansions included), by Jean-Louis Roubira and illustrated by Marie Cardouat, has become a must-have over the years. 


  • Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo's Treasure is a game inspired by the Mysterium universe but aimed at younger players. This time you have to listen to the ghost's clues to find the treasure he hid a long time ago in the different rooms of his mansion. Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo's Treasure is a game by Antonin Boccara and Yves Hirschfeld. It is illustrated by Olivier Danchin. 


  • Puzzles Dixit Collection : since September are available a series of 14 beautiful puzzles representing cards of Marie Cardouat or Marina Coudray. 8 puzzles of 1000 pieces and 6 puzzles of 500 pieces. Little bonus in each puzzle model is a new and exclusive Dixit card.

The activities

During the whole show we have some surprises for you on our stand located on the 1D103 booth.


Win a Stella-Dixit Universe game mat

Play on our booth at Stella-Dixit Universe and try to win a Stella-Dixit Universe playmat.

Indeed, the winner will leave with a precious playmat (not available in stores).

Please note that this activity is subject to availability.


The Puzzle Challenge

Build throughout the festival a puzzle from the Dixit collection. To participate it's very simple:

  • Register on site by filling in the form with your registration number, your name and email.
  • Place 3 pieces (no more, no less) in the puzzle under construction. On the back of each piece, don't forget to write your registration number.
  • Go home immediately with a Dixit mini puzzle (while stocks last). It will be available only by participating to the challenge.

Once the festival is over, we will proceed to a draw for each completed puzzle. The person drawn will be contacted at the email address indicated and will win the Dixit puzzle of his choice.


A lot of goodies

At the reception desk of the booth, upon request (and within reason), receive postcards from the world of Libellud games and goodies for the Libellud games of your choice.

We will have goodies for Dixit, Mysterium, Mysterium Park, Obscurio, Shadows Amsterdam, One Key, Stella-Dixit Universe (except playmat), Dice Forge and Seasons.

Just ask with a smile and specify for which games ;-).


We are looking forward to seeing you soon on our gaming areas!


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