Expansion Dice Forge : Rebellion

Level up your game play with our Dice Forge expansion: Rebellion.

Created to answer the players’ requests expressing a need for more interaction and combinations, this expansion includes new dice faces, 120 new Achievement cards, and two optional modules. The Rebellion expansion can’t be played without the Dice Forge base box.

In the module ”the Labyrinth of the Goddess”, discover the new rules established by a powerful goddess. She entrusts you with a golem to explore her labyrinth and to amass fabulous rewards. Try to find her to reach fame, yet be careful not to let the other gods down… !

In the “Rebellion of the Titans” module, the tournament is disrupted by the return of the original rulers of the skies. The titans will offer you their power if you turn your back on the gods.
The time for rebellion has come, who will you pledge allegiance to?

Designer : Régis Bonnessée

Artist : Biboun



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