Dixit Odyssey

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Discover another way to play games with Dixit Odyssey, the image interpretation game.

Dixit is an enchanting card game inviting you to let your imagination run wild. Discover 84 dreamlike illustrations on text-free large cards, and interpret those mysterious images.

Accessible and family oriented, Dixit Odyssey is the perfect game to play with family or friends and get to know your peers from another perspective.

Dixit Odyssey offers 84 special illustrated cards and allows up to 12 players, thus guaranteeing an ideal family game.


Design: Jean-Louis Roubira

Artist: Marie Cardouat & Pierô

Release: February 2011


The games rules of Dixit Odyssey
in few steps


When it’s your turn as the storyteller, secretly pick a card from your hand and state the theme that its illustration inspires you


Other players choose secretly a card from their hand that corresponds in their opinion to the theme.


Cards are shuffled and then placed face-up: other players vote to decide which cards is your initial card.


You score points if some players, yet not all of them, find your card! Your theme should be neither too obvious nor too evasive.



Each Dixit expansion pack offers 84 new large size illustrated cards that correspond to the artist's universe. Click on the expansions to discover the range of cards they include and to learn more about their illustrators. Use each expansion pack individually or combine them for a different game experience each time.


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